What’s Stopping You?

Ask yourself two questions: what do you want and what’s stopping you?

Sean Hayes

It’s common knowledge that New Years resolutions don’t last. Most resolutions fail by mid-February. I’ve heard it said that “a goal without a plan is just a wish” and resolutions feel that way to me. Wishes for things to be different without a plan to change them.

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In order to succeed where you have failed in the past, you must look inward and ask yourself a question that often has a difficult answer: what is stopping you?

It’s a simple question but we usually don’t like the answer. If you say you want to start a fitness routine, what is stopping you? Get clear on what really is stopping you and from there you need to decide how important your goal really is to you and own that decision fully.

I have a friend who has four kids, all under the age of ten and yet she works out every single day – I know because she’s my apple watch friend and I get notifications when she completes her workouts. She’s like a virtual workout buddy, we both finish our workouts by about 6am most days. Where others might say “I can’t workout because I have little kids,” she found the time to get her workout in early in the morning. How? Why? Because she knows how important her fitness routine is to her mental health.

Limitation can only stop us when the limitation is stronger than our desire for our goals. Getting clear on what’s stopping you allows you to find your way through and past the limitations.

So whats stopping you?

Check out my video on this topic here.


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