Writer’s Notebook 5/17/20 – Living on the Moon

May has really snuck up on me. I’m not sure how it happened but somehow we’re now over halfway through the month of May and I find myself feeling surprised and a bit overwhelmed by the fact that it’s already a week before Memorial Day. I’ve been struggling with feeling lately that I haven’t done “enough” or made “enough” progress on any of my projects or any area of my life. Even so, when I look at my completed tasks, I can see very clearly that I am completing my tasks and getting things done but for some reason this feeling lingers.

Earlier today, I posted on social media that I’ve been feeling like an astronaut, floating above the world and disconnected from reality somehow. I live and work in the bubble of my house and general neighborhood and it’s starting to feel like living on a moon base. I go from one pod to another, complete my tasks for the day, communicate with other bases via audio or visual meetings, get my exercise, take my recreational breaks then go to sleep, wake up and start it all over again. The days blend together, one into the next.

Created in Canva

I think that this monotony is starting to affect my creativity and so I focused more on my non-fiction project this week, finding the fictional world harder to connect with in my mind’s eye.

This week’s writing session was difficult. It felt like pushing through a gelatinous cube to stay inspired and keep writing. I made the mistake of checking the word count a few times before my tree was done in Forest and it felt like each and every word was a precious victory. But, despite the mental fog, I did complete my writing sessions this week and that is always a win in my book.

Until next time… I #amwriting

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