Writer’s Notebook 5/7/2020 – Planning is Progress

I think thatone of the biggest mistakes I made a few years ago when I made a previous attempt to write a book was not spending enough time on the “planning” aspects of writing. For those of us who love to write and want to be published authors, the “fun” part is the writing. We love taking the beautiful ideas in our heads and getting them out into the world… or at least we love the idea of doing that; often the actual execution is not nearly as wonderful as the picture in our heads.

Created in Canva

This week’s writing session was about 50/50 planning and writing. I certainly prefer writing to planning but I’ve come to see that even when I spend my writing sessions in “planning” mode and don’t even put anything new on the page, that is good progress and not something to worry about. I have found that my style tends to be one of going back and forth between one phase and the other. If I attempt to simply focus on the “planning” stage, I find that I can get stuck there and never actually write anything. Soon enough, I’ve spent weeks on outlining and revising my outlines again and again and again and haven’t actually added anything to the draft I’m working on. On the flip side, if I focus on writing the draft, I can write myself in to a hole and lose track of where I am and what I was trying to say. I have found that when I get stuck, it’s best to take some time to review my outlines and plans to find my way again and when I get lost in planning, it’s best to just jump in and start writing.

For me, there is a yin and yang to my writing. Some days are more yang : actively writing and others are more yin : reflection and planning.

Until next time! I’m Evelyn and I #amwriting!

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