Writer’s Notebook 4/19/20 – My Six Year Old Writing Partner

I’ve mentioned before that my life situation means that I get in my writing during the early morning hours on the weekend. These days, with the COVID Pandemic keeping everyone at home, I work from home during the week and do my weekend writing at home as well. Typically – with a lot of help from my husband – I’m able to find some quiet time and space alone to do my writing. He knows that writing is a big part of my self-care routine and is always supportive of me getting the time I need.

This morning was just a bit different. This morning, my husband wasn’t feeling very well. He had hurt his back and needed a little extra rest in the morning. Our six year old daughter is an early riser and, as usual, she was up around 6:30ish in the morning. Given that I had completed a nice dedicated writing session yesterday, I decided to set up my “writing station” on the kitchen table this morning, fully expecting some amount of interruption today. It’s Sunday, I was feeling pretty good about my progress this week and was in a calm and happy mood. Our daughter was playing in her room so I pulled up my favorite track of Animal Crossing music, planted my tree in Forest and started writing.

Created in Canva

I actually got in a good 25 or 30 minutes of dedicated writing time before my daughter joined me at the kitchen table. Rather than get frustrated with the interruption, I invited her to join me. Her kindergarten teacher often reminds parents that kids mimic what they see and so I wanted to encourage her creativity with mine.

One of her assignments from kindergarten this week has been to make little “books” by folding paper into quarters. I told her I was writing a story and invited her to grab some construction paper and join me. We had a great time together, sharing our stories with each other. The wonderful thing about young kids is that nearly everything is a learning experience for them. I was able to make a bit of progress on my writing projects and shared a wonderful Sunday morning with my daughter. It’s often the little moments and small steps that really matter in life. I’m so glad I got to spend the time with my six year old writing partner this morning!

Until next time, I #amwriting

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