Writer’s Notebook 4/5/2020 – A Change of Scenery

This weekend, I sat down to do my writing and an entirely different book was knocking on my brain and would not let me go. Back when I started this writing project, my plan had to be to write a fiction book somewhat based on my life but – in talking to close friends and mentors – I decided to write a non-fiction book about the lessons I’ve learned through grief and loss.

Perhaps it’s because grief is so pervasive right now with the whole “Global Pandemic” thing going on but for whatever reason, when I sat down to write this I weekend, I could only write that original fiction idea… and the words simply flowed out of me quickly and easily.

Created in Canva

I’m just getting back into the writer’s groove after about two years away and I find myself wondering how many works in progress (WIP) other writers have. Is it normal to bounce between a few book projects?

I pinged a few writer friends and it seems pretty normal to switch between two projects, especially two that are very different from each other. Having the two projects provides a nice yin and yang like balance between projects that actually helps both stay on track.

For me, it was nice to take a break into the world of fantasy and fiction and away from my difficult chosen topic of death, grief and life lessons. Personally, I think it’s important to give ourselves a break in day to day life and so why would my writing journey be any different? A change of scenery, even in my own imagination, will probably do me some good.

Until next time, I #amwriting

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