You ARE Enough!

This is a message for anyone who struggles with feeling like they are “good enough” or even that they simply are “enough.”

We all feel this way sometimes but for some of us, it’s a daily struggle. We get negative feedback from someone or we make a mistake and suddenly we feel like we just aren’t good enough. We try, we push hard and still we feel like we can’t make the cut.

When you look to the external world to determine your worth, you are giving up your power. You are letting other people and external things define you and your worth.

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You are not enough because they told you that you are. You are not good enough because you “crushed” your goals. You are good enough on your own, you have nothing to prove to anyone.

Many of us struggle with believing that we are good enough just as we are. We feel like our worth comes from “outside.” We need something or someone to tell us – and in many cases, prove to us that we are good enough.

I know the struggle all too well, the idea that I might be good enough just as I am, nothing attached, seems somehow wrong. It feels like worthiness “should be” something that is earned.

I’ve come to realize that looking to my accomplishments as my source of self-worth is actually conflating what I’ve done with who I am.

I’ve also come to finally realize and accept that depending on others to somehow make me feel like I’m good enough means that I’m giving up my personal power.

And so I have to remind myself regularly that I am good enough. I am enough, because I’m alive and and I’m doing the best I can in the shape I’m in.

I don’t know who needs to see this today but I wanted to encourage you and remind YOU that you ARE enough!

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