The Tao of Bright Star

Let me tell you a secret…

I never wanted Bright Star Coaching or . When you decide you want to start sharing things on the internet, the first step is to go get yourself an email address. You know, so that you can start make accounts and getting domain names and everything that we need to do in this modern internet life. So, when I went to the old gmail store and tried to get, I’m sure it won’t surprise anybody that the account name was taken. Just in the past week, I’ve met two other people who have businesses or side-hustles called Bright Star. The name has deep meaning for me but it’s not exactly original or unique. So, I tried a few different combinations and ended up grabbing and from there I built the Facebook page, the Twitter and Instagram accounts and finally the blog on wordpress: That is how we ended up here and with me as Bright Star Coaching but to me, Bright Star is more than coaching, it’s a way of approaching life in a more intentional way. For this reason, I don’t fit in some easy clickable category and I won’t apologize for that, I may never fit any single category.

Photo by Evelyn

So, what is Bright Star all about?

I believe that we all have a light within us and that light can be a guide for others. It has taken me many years to finally accept that my story and my experience actually does have value. So, for me, Bright Star is about sharing that light with others and helping them find that light within them. To me, Bright Star is a Tao or Way of being inspired by the stars. Let’s look at the stars, from Wikipedia: “a star is an astronomical object consisting of a luminous spheroid of plasma held together by it’s own gravity.” Stars are essentially giant furnaces, shining on their own accord due to thermonuclear fusion of hydrogen into helium in their core. A star doesn’t shine for you or me, it shines because it has to, it’s held together by its own gravity, not supported by anything outside of itself. The stars that we see in our sky have existed for all of human history. Our ancestors looked up at those stars, created pictures in those stars and used those stars to guide their way through the darkness of night. That is the Tao of Bright Star: be a light unto yourself. You shine simply because of who you are, you don’t need to shine in a way that has to make sense to anyone else. You are a light in this world because your life is unique and you have something to share.

In recent years, I’ve come to finally step into my own as a leader and have come to recognize that I can be a servant leader in this world. That is why I went with Bright Star “coaching.” Everyone can gain benefit from a coach, including coaches. Even those who are at the top of their field or the top of their game have coaches to help them from time to time. To me, coaches have a unique role in our modern society. We have leaders, teachers, counselors and coaches. The coaching relationship is unique in that it is 100% client driven. A coach is here to help you reach YOUR goals. The coach may have her own goals but those aren’t what you’re here for, we are here for you and your goals.

My intention with Bright Star is to share the lessons I learn along my journey in the hopes that those lessons can aid you in your own.

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