To Everything there is a Season

I have many faces.

Some know me by my Objective Personality Type: ENFP Jumper, Ne/Te.

Some know me as a dedicated training partner and mom, ready and willing to give my all.

However you know me, you know that I’ve got to shake things up from time to time.

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So I try things, I learn lessons, I adjust and adapt.

This ability to adjust and move and adapt used to make me feel like a failure. I felt like I was always quitting things. I felt like a jack of all trades, master of none. I felt like I couldn’t just stick to something and see it through.

In some cases, that might be true. You can certainly see it that way or you can change the story. You can see this as a super power of flexibility and adaptability.

That’s what I choose.

I have chosen to see life as going through seasons that flow and change from one into the next.

I choose to see this as giving me a global perspective and the ability to relate to people on the deeper level of our shared experiences.

To everything there is a season.

Nothing remains the same, our lives are always changing. Embrace it and enjoy the ride!

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