Around the World of Bright Star

Bright Star is a blog but it’s also so much more! I’ll keep this post as a sticky so that you can find all the Bright Star content in one place.

Bright Star Videos

The YouTube channel provides weekly videos all under the umbrella of the four elements of Bright Star. I post videos on motivation, inspiration, mindfulness and self-care.

Not only can you find my original content on the channel, I’ve also built curated playlists with my recommended videos and a feel good playlist to brighten your day. Whenever I find a valuable video on YouTube, I add it to the Recommended playlist so be sure to check it out!

Bright Star on Social Media

Whether you like Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, Bright Star has you covered.

Facebook was the original home of Bright Star and I’d love to see the community continue to grow there.

I love tweeting out the random ramblings that come to my mind throughout the day. Join me on Twitter for real-time thoughts and reflections.

I share the blogs and other content on Instagram. Check out my Insta Story for a run down of posts I enjoyed.

Bright Star

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