Bright Star Weekly – January 26

Earlier this week I mentioned the Blues Traveler song Just Wait. It’s funny because I had basically forgotten all about that song in recent years. It came back to me, unexpectedly, while I was writing that post about continuing to move forward through the hurt and the pain. I’ve been listening to that song more this week and it has turned into a bit of a motto for me: Just Wait 2020

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I am the type of person who tends to want to react in the moment. Something happens or someone says something to me and I feel a need to respond right then and there and nip it on the bud.

With age and time I’ve come to realize I don’t have to. I don’t need to respond quickly to everything. I can use wisdom to choose urgency or to choose inaction.

Sometimes the best action is no action. The best word is no word and the best time to act is not now. Sometimes, it’s better to simply wait, take shelter in the present moment and allow life to unfold a bit before taking the next step.

I know it’s not easy for some of us. We want to act now, speak our truth now and see the results now. Just wait, it will come.

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