Bright Star Weekly – Jan 19

Holy Snow Week Batman! What a difference a week makes. One week ago today, I recorded a YouTube video out at a nearby park. It was certainly a cold day but the skies and roads were clear. That night, a snow storm moved into the area and schools ended up closed or on two hour delay almost all week. This is the time of year when snow and ice sets in and makes the roads treacherous.

Photo by Evelyn

I grew up in Northeast Ohio where Lake Erie causes a phenomenon known as “lake effect snow” which can cause dramatic snowfall in the region. So, I’m no stranger to snow and frigid temperatures and yet, when it started snowing, I caught myself having negative feelings and thought patterns about the weather. I started telling myself the story that I don’t like the snow and starting to lament being stuck in the house due to the road condition. Thankfully, my years of meditation practice did kick in and I could reframe the story I was telling myself. I am extremely fortunate that I have a job where I can work virtually when I need to. I can stay safely off the roads and get my projects done.

One of my major themes for 2020 is focusing on accepting and celebrating my reality. It’s so easy for me to see the down side of things, it still takes intentional practice to see the positive side of things and tell myself a brighter story. We are always telling ourselves some story about our lives, it’s a natural way for humans to process our reality. The reality is that it snowed and I happen to live in an area that doesn’t maintain a fleet of snow plows. I could tell myself the story that I don’t like snow and would rather work in a team environment than virtually – or – I could enjoy the fact that, despite the bad road conditions, I was able to still have an amazing week at work. We can’t change reality but we can change but the stories we tell ourselves about our reality.

Stay safe out there!

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