Bright Star Weekly Jan 12, 2020

Late last month, I decided to try something new for me as a blogger: a month-long series. While it may not seem like a major undertaking, I had never done something like that before and it did take me some time to plan out how I would tackle a series across multiple weeks. I decided that the best way to tackle this was to follow my own advice: set a goal, break it up into smaller parts and make a plan of action.

Photo by Evelyn

I started with the overall theme of building a new habit and built the structure from there. I am a strong believer that habits and routines are the engines that drive us toward our goals. Without strong habits, built on reliable routines, success feels virtually impossible to me.

I start each day at work by deciding on my “Top 3” priorities for the day. I have strong daily routine that I follow each morning that helps me manage a large, dynamic and diverse work statement that spans multiple groups and projects. My routine is what keeps me grounded and allows me to get the work done that I need to get done and maintain quality.

For me, the blog is no different. In December, I had the goal to publish one post a day; I accomplished that goal by creating a habit of making sure I had at least two blogs scheduled every day. Some days I had up to four blogs scheduled in advance but having the target of two blogs scheduled per day allowed me to make sure I was meeting my goal while also keeping the effort manageable.

For January, I’ve adjusted my routine but I’m still relying on my habits to accomplish my goal. While the December routine was day-to-day, the January routine is more week-to-week. I take the time to plan out my posts for the next seven days, including the YouTube video that will drop in the middle of the week and essentially act as the keystone that keeps the week of content standing.

I’m really looking forward to sharing more this week on establishing routines. My habits are at the core of everything I do. If you can set yourself up for success, reaching your goal becomes just a matter of time.

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