I Hit My Goal! – Bright Star Weekly 12/29

At the start of the month I set myself a goal to blog every day in December. As I write this, I have posts scheduled every day from today until the 31st. I’ve hit my goal and – more significantly – I’ve returned to blogging after years away.

Photo by Evelyn

I’m an engineer by trade but a writer by vocation. As a child, I would spend hours in my room crafting stories and writing hundreds of pages by hand on lined paper. No one ever read those stories, I wrote them because I loved doing it. I’d go on walks with my mother in the metro parks and tell her my stories.

As I made my way into adulthood, I always kept a journal. There’s something about the action of writing out my thoughts long hand that helps me gain clarity and perspective.

I eventually found my way into blogging and immediately loved it. My older blogs are long gone, archived long ago. I walked away from writing, I told myself that I didn’t have time for blogging anymore. With kids and job and commitments I’d made, I decided that I couldn’t do it anymore. I walked away from blogging and whenever I thought about returning, I always told myself it wasn’t worth it, no one would read what I had to say.

Then I realized it doesn’t matter. Having a blog and goals for that blog inspire me to write and when I am writing, I am happy. When I’m writing, I’m in my element. When I’m writing, I’m expressing myself and that is what matters.

I’m proud to have set a goal for myself and to have seen it through. I’m excited to bring more to Brights Star in 2020!

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