We Remember the Moments

We do not remember days, we remember moments.

Cesare Pavese

I remember wrapping christmas lights around a fake palm tree with my mom. We both agreed that Christmas didn’t quite feel like Christmas in Hawaii.

Created with Canva

I remember the crisp winter air, the clear blue sky, and the frost on my sleeping bag made into blanket after a night of meditation through the dark.

I remember the look and feel of the mall at holiday time, taking a break in the food court, surrounded by our bags of gifts. The smell of all the scents as they mix together in Bath & Body Works.

I remember the nights in the church meeting room, learning our poems, hoping I’d remember mine when my time came. And the feel of angel wings as they were strapped onto my back.

I remember the feel of the green tissue paper they would wrap our little presents in at Higbees after I had chosen them for my mom and dad.

Christmas lives in moments for me. Hopefully, you can build new wonderful moments with your family this holiday season.

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