Celebrate People Everyday

Thank you falettin me be myself… again!

Sly and the Family Stone

I’ve lived in a few US cities in my life and each one is a bit different; some are definitely friendlier than others. The notorious Seattle Freeze is real. About half of Washingtonians don’t even want to talk to you, let alone be your friend. Many years ago, I heard a small piece of advice that has stuck with me: if you see someone while you’re out and about wearing something you like, tell them! Celebrate them!

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I honestly didn’t realize how anti-social I had become until I started really practicing this. For example, let’s say I’m standing in line at the grocery store and notice that the clerk has a beautiful tattoo; where in the past I might have just noticed it and said nothing, nowadays I make sure to let them know: “hey, love your tattoo!” It always brings a smile to the person’s, face without fail. Whether it’s a jacket or a pair of shoes or even a pair of glasses, that person put a bit of thought into the thing and having another person notice, even for just a few seconds, can help bring a small joy to their day.

Try it out! Celebrate someone today and see how bringing a smile to a stranger’s face can make your life a little bit brighter.

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