Pick Your Battles

I want the world! I want the whole world! I want to lock it all up in my pocket. Give it to me NOW!

Veruca Salt

One of the biggest benefits and challenges with living in our modern, advanced world is all the choices many of us have. Want to climb a mountain? Even if you live in Kansas, you can fly or drive to Colorado and hike to your hearts content. Want to learn the sousaphone? I’m sure there’s a YouTube channel for that. You can run a 5k in a t-rex costume or a marathon in a tutu. There’s so much to do, the possibilities can seem endless and sometimes that can lead to decision paralysis and even self-criticism. You look at what your friends are posting on social media, you’re comparing your real life to their highlight reel and suddenly you don’t feel like you’re doing “enough.” That’s when it’s time to decide what matters to you and focus on that. Pick your battles.

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Pick your battles. Recognize that you can’t “do it all” and pick the things you really want. Focus on those few things and stick with them.

Picking your battles means closing some doors so that you can focus on what you truly love. It means saying no and goodbye to the things that don’t line up with your higher purpose. But, it also means finding clarity and peace of mind. Rather than worrying about all the myriad things you could be doing, you can focus instead on the one or two things you truly care about.

You’ll also find yourself feeling stronger and more confident. You can see all the things your friends post on social media but stay positive, secure in yourself because you know you’re focused on the thing you love.

Stop worrying about all the things you could be doing and focus instead on what you’ve chosen.

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