Four Elements of Bright Star

Inspiration. Motivation. Recovery. Mindfulness. These are the four elements of Bright Star.

I’ve always loved the ancient concept of the four traditional elements of air, fire, water and earth. I’ve been able to use them as a metaphorical framework for my daily practice for years. They help me balance the active aspects of my life – getting things done at work and home – with the passive aspects of reflection and recovery.

As I was considering what the message of Bright Star should be, I found myself returning to the elements yet again.

Inspired by the element of Air, the first element of Bright Star is Inspiration. What do you want? What are your dreams and goals?

Fire is the element of action. It burns down anything that stands in opposition. Motivation can help you do the same thing in pursuit of your goals. Hard times will happen, your resilience and motivation will get you through.

Inspired by the soothing quality of water, the third element of Bright Star is Recovery. The importance of recovery can not be overstated. So much attention is paid to getting ‘er done that we forget to take a moment to breathe, to rest. We ignore recovery at our own peril, often leading us down a path toward burnout. Like water dousing a fire, recovery helps us avoid taking on too much.

Mindfulness grounds us in the present moment. Like a tree standing rooted through the storms, a strong mindfulness practice helps us weather the triggers that arise in our daily life.

Inspiration. Motivation. Recovery. Mindfulness. With these four elements, Bright Star can help guide you though the journey of life. Welcome to your path.

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