It’s the Holidays!

We just finished the Thanksgiving holiday here in the States which – where I come from – means the official start of Christmas Season! A time of celebration and sadness for many.

This year, put YOURSELF on your gift list. What do YOU want? What do YOU need?

This time of year is full of rich traditions and with those often comes intense pressure. Pressure to get everything right, get it all done and be cheery and happy while you do it. Many of us take on so much and push our own wishlist to the side. The holidays that look so merry on the outside are often hiding bitterness and resentment within.

This year, put yourself on your gift list. Take a few moments during this tough time to find your own rest and comfort. Perhaps it’s enjoying your favorite holiday treat (I’m a peppermint mocha girl myself) or maybe it’s a run – alone – through the cold streets of your time. Whatever it is, I encourage you to connect with that when you can.

This time of year brings up a LOT of hard emotions: grief, frustration, inadequacy, loneliness and sadness just to name a few. Give yourself a little bit of space, be kind to yourself and don’t expect perfection. Don’t forget to enjoy your holiday too.

Your friend,

Bright Star

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